Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I begin?

A: Fill out the form on our site that applies to the work you want to have done or email us directly at or We will contact you with a quote or further inquiry on your request.

Q: What are my payment obligations?

A: Jobs under $100 require payment in full up front. Jobs over $100 require half down to secure your spot and the final half upon approval of your design. Files are released once payment is made in full.

We do not do payment plans.

Q: What about availability?

A: We can give you an estimated date that your project will begin and estimated date of completion based on our schedule at the time of inquiry. To secure a spot on the calendar, we require payment as described above. At such time we will give you a start and end date. If the dates do not serve your needs, we will do our best to work with you.

It is in everyone’s best interest if we are able to adhere to our schedule. This means clients are served in a timely manner and we are able to focus completely on client needs without feeling other projects hovering. To maintain this balance, if something comes up that prevents you from adhering to the start or completion dates, you may have to be put back on the schedule at a later date. We do our best to always accommodate our clients but that also means starting and completing everyone on time.

Q: How do I know you are the designers for my project?

A: Please take a look at our portfolio to see the type of work we do for our clients. We understand that not every client and designer are a good fit. Sometimes the connection is obvious and other times the chemistry is simply not there. Our portfolio should help you determine if we can capture your vision.

For those investing $200 or more in a design, we do offer you 1, no obligation, mock design so you can determine if we are on track with your vision. For those interested in full site design we offer you 3, no obligation, mock header designs. You will see these mock designs before you are required to make your first payment.

Q: When should I expect to hear from you about my design after emailing?

A: Lindsey and Richele are committed to making your project amazing. Love at first sight amazing! To maintain the energy our creativity requires to bring your vision to a new level, we found we need to maintain office hours. We take our business seriously but we are also busy homeschool moms and wives. To maintain a balance that allows us to give our best, we take weekends off to be with our families. While we strive to answer all emails quickly, we ask that you allow 2 business days for a response.

Q: Why do you not have pricing listed directly on your website?

A: We have noticed in our time designing for clients that every client is completely different requiring various customizations and time commitment. We like to have the flexibility to customize a design package specifically for your vision and timeline.

Q: Does Crisp Apple do both design and installation?

A: We can do both design and installation, but we do not do both design and installation as a part of every package.
At the time you submit your request for design please let us know if you are requiring both design and installation of that design on your website. We will do design plus installation, but our price must reflect the time commitment that installation demands.

Where we are able to install most all of our designs, depending on your specific desires and needs for your website, we may need to refer you to a professional for special customizations and coding to accomplish your dream. We work closely with these professionals and trust their work. We can connect you with them if you desire things done beyond our skill level. This will be an extra charge by the hour for their work. All desired work and price points will be decided upon up front so that your budget will not receive any surprises.

Q: What is the difference between a logo and a header?

A: A logo is specifically for branding purposes. It is the mark of a company. A logo can be just an image, a company name, a portion of the company name, or even contain a tagline. A logo is meant to be compact, clear, and striking.

A header on the other hand is the image at the top of a website. You do not have to have a logo to have a header. A header is the first thing a reader sees when they click on a website. A header can be its own design, it can be a logo, it can incorporate a logo, or it can be themed to match a logo.